Telecommuting! Connecting to Your Office Computer From Your Own Home

Having the ability to connect remotely to your office computer and work from home can greatly enhance your productivity and overall work performance. Especially in light of the extreme weather conditions that we have been experiencing. Think about it, not having to go to the office over the weekend to prepare for Monday morning. How about that nagging thought that woke you up in the early hours of the morning, remembering something that you should have done yesterday.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to fire up your computer from home and log into your office, complete the report, print the manual, send the email etc, as if you were sitting at your office computer – even in your PJ’s at 2 0’clock in the morning – no one will know and an unnecessary journey would have been saved. So, how do you “remote in” and what do you need? There are a number of software packages – mostly free- that will allow you to remotely “take over” your computer in a few simple steps. Here are just some of those available: Log me in is a simple method for taking over a PC whilst sitting at another. Simply visit the website set up an account, download the software and you are away.

You need to have the software running on both the computer that you wish to take over and the computer that you are going to use to connect to it. Ensure that both machines are on, log into your account via the log me in website, its as simple as that. Complete control over the machine as if you were sitting in front of it. VNC – Very similar to log me in although you do not log into VNC via a webpage. The software sits resident in the system tray of each of the machines that you are going to use and connects via the IP address of the machine that you wish to connect to. (to find your IP address – please note however, that unless you have a static IP address, your address will change every few days.


RDP – Remote Desktop Built into most professional windows software, RDP allows you to remote access your machine via the internet. Again, most commonly using an IP address, once connected you will have full access to your machine, printers, and networks (if used). Once you have experienced working from home, you will no doubt be hooked and understand why millions of people now find this method of “tele-commutting” invaluable to helping towards a much better lifestyle. So, in summary. Ensure both machines are on. Have the software loaded and running on each machine. Ensure that both are connected to the internet. Log into your chosen software, connect to the required machine. Take over the machine and start working. It really is that simple.

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