Protecting CDs, DVDs and Video Games During Shipping

If you are mailing CDs, DVDs or Video Games, you will want to properly protect them during transit. There are various ways of protecting CDs, DVDs or Video Games during shipping, several of which are listed below:

Bubble Mailers

For mailing out a small amount of DVDs or CDs, bubble mailers will do a great job. Bubble Wrap® lined mailers are a good option for cushioning items that are being shipped to various locations. These types of mailers can also cut down on mailing costs as they are lightweight. Bubble mailers also have a self-sealing strip that can reduce the amount of time it will take to pack up the products. Another advantage of bubble mailers is the fact that they can be recycled, which is good for the environment.

Bubble mailers can be found in various sizes to accommodate a certain number of DVDs or CDs. They are one of the most popular choices for mailing media.

Bubble Wrap®

If you are shipping a large amount of DVDs or CDs, bubble mailers may not be able to accommodate all of your items. In this case, you may want to use Bubble Wrap® to cushion your products inside of a shipping box. The wrap visit:- acts as a cushioning barrier against forces outside of the box that could cause damage to the contents. The box can be lined with Bubble Wrap®, and the DVDs or CDs can also be wrapped in additional Bubble Wrap® to give you maximum protection. This will work out especially well if you are sending your items a long distance.

Fragile Labels

Fragile labels are important to remind the shippers and handlers of the fragile items inside the packaging to help prevent damage. In many cases, the same website or store you buy your shipping supplies from will have an assortment of “Fragile” labels available for purchase.

Always Use Jewel Cases

Every DVD or CD you send through the mail should be in a protective jewel case. These cases will provide protection to the items inside and are not just for identifying the DVD or CD. If there should be any damage to the mailer or box that you are sending, the jewel case may receive the brunt of the damage and keep the item intact.

Send By First Class Mail

To ensure that your items will get to the proper location as quickly as possible, they should be shipped via First Class Mail or a similar high-end option from another shipping service. The less time DVDs and CDs spend in transit, the less chance there is of damage occurring. If you are sending merchandise to your customers, they deserve to have their products reach them in good condition, and First Class Mail will help to make this happen.


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