Golf Swing Yoga Drills – Pros and Cons

To improve your golf swing, yoga drills are an option. Yoga can obviously improve your flexibility which is key in the golf swing, especially for the older golfers, but I have some opinions on the benefits of yoga drills for golfers. yoga swing

I personally have tried yoga and I find it somewhat straining to hold poses for a certain length of time, and my feelings is that it does not replicate the same requirements of the golf swing.

You see…nothing in the golf swing is a “holding” feeling. Golf is a dynamic, free flowing movement that requires sequence of motion and a tension-free swing.

Yoga requires a holding position for every drill and it can be quite demanding for a golfer. If you are an out of shape golfer, you will find it very difficult to do, and most likely not want to continue with it. Maybe I’m different than most, but I don’t think I am.

I personally want to do as much as I can that reassures me that it’s “for golf, and will benefit my golf game. Most yoga drills and stretches do not replicate any position in the golf swing.

I come from a sports conditioning background and I like to do as many exercises and stretches closely mimicking the sport movement…in this case the golf swing.

With that being said, I’ve opted for designing exercises and stretches that directly benefit the golf swing. You can take it to the course and see improvement quickly.

Do you want to discover the secret to creating more power and consistency in your golf swing… AND eliminating ALL your swing faults?


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