Free Software

Looking for free software to download? You will find a wide spectrum of application programs to download on the Internet. From Microsoft Office and Excel, to diagnostics, backup, spyware, Print shop software and desktop themes to download.

You will also find animation, web site design, bible study, garden, kitchen, home remodeling, landscape design and software to watch TV on your PC. Download the software or try a free trial of the application software before you buy. If you could not find the software you need, search for it with Google’s customised search engine. There is such a wide range, you are bound to find computer software that is useful to you. Are experiencing problems with your PC?

Is it not performing as it used to? Your Windows registry could be overloaded with redundant entries created by the operating system. Even moderate use of a PC running Windows could result in many registry keys and files spread across the registry. Many of these entries are no longer needed or used and may disrupt the smooth running of your system.

If you’d like to know just how many redundant registry keys and files are in your PC, just download and run one of the computer diagnostics software applications to scan your Windows registry and give you a report for FREE. Looking for free data recovery software? Hard drives can fail within the first year. If you haven’t backed up your data, do so now. You have to protect yourself. You will also find backup and recovery software on the Internet.

You could get imaging software that takes a snapshot of your hard disk or partition so that you can restore your system at a later stage to the exact same state. This is useful for system recovery after a hard drive crash. Or you can selectively backup and restore files and directories, while omitting others. Some of the utilities allow you to schedule your backups, so that you can be sure that your important data is backed up periodically.

You will find lots of freeware, shareware, free trials, Microsoft software, advertising opportunities, and more on the Internet. Whatever your needs might be, you will find it on the Internet, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

There are many reasons to download free software. The biggest reason is that it is free to download, use and share with a friend. There are tons of free software titles out there to download on the web. You can download anything from free games, office suites, instant messaging programs and many others types of software.

You can even access web-based software that won’t take up room on your hard drive and that can be accessed anywhere you have a Internet connection. Many are freeware, shareware and trial software that allow you to try it before you buy it. However there is a a downside to free software. Many free software titles have limited or no technical support if something goes wrong or does not work as it was intended to. You can always check out the software forums, but this can be very time consuming.

You can also pay for technical support for you free products. This can get expensive depending upon your knowledge of the subject and how much the tech support person on the phone knows about that software product.The software that you pay for may have new options and programs that may really want. You must decide if the extra features are worth what you are going to pay for. The key in purchasing software: Is the software going to do what you want it to do? You must decide what you want it to do for you. Then you can make the decision to download the software for free or purchase the full version by download or at your local retailer.


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