Benefits to Protecting Your Roof With a Professionally Applied Roof Coating

The average property owner will spend hundreds of pounds each year on minor to major home improvements, which can consist of a new conservatory, paved driveways, or replacement windows. And now it is becoming increasingly popular to renovate aging roofs. This is achieved by applying a specific coating for both structural and aesthetic reasons, and is a practical and economical way to restore a roof.

The highly durable roof coatings isn’t a standard paint; it is manufactured with a special acrylic roof restoration compound, Site: which is designed to protect and increase the life-span of the roofs surface, as well as to increase the overall value of the house.

Here are some of the benefits to using a professionally applied roof coating service –

Protection – a weatherproof and breathable roof coating gives excellent protection in damp climates. Older roof tiles often lose their ability to repel water and become porous, meaning that the tiles start to retain moisture, which encourages the unsightly growth of green mold, moss, and lichens, Irrespective of the type of roofing a residential or commercial premises has, it is likely that a liquid coating is available to protect it, with applications available for most types, from metal, felt, asphalt, concrete, and asbestos cement sheets.

Energy Efficient – a hard-wearing and UV light resistant coating has the potential to reflect 65 – 75 percent of the sun’s rays, which means the cost of air conditioning is lessened in the summer months, while also slightly reducing heat loss through roof tiles throughout the winter months.

Property Value – a highly effective coating of colored roof coating has the potential to add literally thousands to the value of a property, much of that is due to the increased ‘kerb appeal’. A full treatment often has the effect of beautifying concrete tiles to give the appearance and color of a completely new roof. Colors can include a standard slate grey to a rustic red, deep tan or terracotta.

Lifespan – a fast applied coating is able to extend the life of a roof for years to come. It slows deterioration, which helps to save on costly repairs and lessens the likelihood of having to replace a significant part of a house in the near future.

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